#shut up julia

i updated my music player, if you wanna give it a listen! list of songs and artists are in my about

first two tracks are electronic, track three is brasilian samba/rock, track four is metal, track five is emo/post-rock

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selfie #2 from two days ago when i was sick

selfie #1 from two days ago while i was sick lmao



sometimes Cracked is so weirdly on point

avoiding social media because lifes been really stressful and my mental state would have made me look like a mess if i tried blogging on tumblr so aside from selfies and a pic or two i just stayed off but im pledging to be on more for as long as i can, especially since im releasing a new album or two soon :^)

@louster: yeah its julia thats what i prefer, though decibelle/deci or trixie is also good

#shut up julia

i havent posted here in forever but WOW HELLO

museum of vaporwave

gay life


{ the makoto naegi defense squad }